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Giuseppe Ristorante Italiano

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Dinner Menu Entrees

Brunch Menu -Sunday 1pm to 4pm


Parma Prosciutto $27
Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers, Marinated Artichokes, Eggplant Caponata, Grilled Asparagus, Prosciutto cotto
Filetto & Caponata $22
Seared and sliced spiced Filet mignon (rare) over eggplant caponata crostini, Maple grain Dijon Mustard
Meatballs $22
Our signature Veal and Ham meatballs, flavored with Parmigiano and braised in our tomato sauce (6)
Seafood Boat $62
East Coast oyster (6), Chilled Shrimp (6), Octopus salad, Littlenecks on the shell (6), traditional garnish


Frittata Vegetable $21
With asparagus, Shitake, Roasted peppers, artichokes and olives, topped with baby tomatoes and arugula
Frittata Burina $23
With Guanciale, Roasted Ham ,Taleggio cheese, and Parmigiano, topped with baby tomatoes and arugula
Baked Eggs (Spicy) $21
With three meat ragout and Parmigiano, spiced with Nduja sausage (spicy sausage), toasted bread
Fried Eggs $16 - add black truffle $10
Over sautéed asparagus in a butter truffle sauce, gentled with shaved Parmigiano

Seafood Cocktail

East Coast Oyster $3.50 each - $ 35 dozen
(Minimum of 6)
Jumbo Shrimp chilled $3.50 each
(Minimum of 4)
Littlenecks $3.50 each
clams on the shell (Minimum of 6)
Salmon  Crudo $15
Chopped raw Norwegian Salmon with Avocado blended in spicy lime vinaigrette, pickled Jalapeno, crostini
Octopus Salad $18
With potatoes, red grape tomatoes and olives, pickled red onions, truffle Mayo


Wagyu Beef $30
8oz burger in a brioche bun with Avocado mousse, blended with crispy Parma prosciutto and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano , served with a choice of our fries or house salad
Panko Chicken $25
In a brioche bun with Burrata mousse, roasted pancetta and our Pesto (contains nuts), served with a choice of our fries or house salad


Add Grilled Chicken $10, Grilled shrimp $ 12, Grilled
Salmon $ 12

Little Gem $13
Of romaine, walnuts, pears and gorgonzola cheese, vinaigrette
Avocado $13
Salad with red grape tomatoes, beets and arugula, raspberry dressing


Ciabatta $21
Bread roasted and topped with burrata mousse and grape tomatoes salad with basil and roasted peppers, gentled with cracked baby potatoes
Ciabatta $21
Bread roasted and topped with avocado mousse mixed with crispy prosciutto, fried eggs and shaved Parmigiano, gentled with cracked baby potatoes


Stracci $25
With braised shredded ribs and sausage in our Bolognese sauce, gentled with Ricotta salata
Bombolotti Callas $21 - add black truffle $10
Gratinated organic rigatoni in a Parmigiano crema , Porcini mushroom and roasted ham
Straccetti Di Manzo $25
Rugs of filet mignon with baby artichokes in a Porto wine sauce gentled with cracked potatoes